Wanna Find Out YOUR Unique Path To Reaching Your Fitness Goals & More Confidence Than You Ever Thought Possible?

Take this free 90 second quiz & discover YOUR specific strategy to a permanent transformation 
so you can FINALLY say "NO!" to another temporary makeover...

Uncover The Missing Strategy That Could Be Holding You Back From A Truly Permanent Transformation...
Uncover The Missing Strategy That Could Be Holding You Back From A Truly Permanent Transformation...

I created this quiz because people kept asking the following all the time:

"Every time I lose weight, I gain it RIGHT back! How do I lose the fat AND keep it off for good?” 
I want to (insert goal here) but I always seem to get stuck. Why can't I seem to follow through?"
"How do I know what kind of diet and workout program is best for my busy lifestyle and actually works?"

Sound familiar?
Through nearly 15 years of fitness coaching, I recognized that people fall into 5 categories when they get stuck with a weight loss goal.

1. Metabolism: Understanding the way your body uniquely burns off fat - will allow you to work with your body, not against it.

2. Mindset and Emotional Intelligence: this is where we learn to recognize our emotions like stress or boredom and how to manage them instead of being reactionary and making decisions out of emotional highs or lows

3. Goal Setting Structure: overzealous goals don’t lead to huge wins, but to huge setbacks! goal setting the RIGHT way matters!

4. Exercise Structure: rigid and lengthy workout programs lead to burnout, injury and exhaustion…not a successful fitness transformation!

5. Nutrition Structure: elimination dieting, crash dieting and overzealous routines lead to binging, self sabotage and disordered eating. 

We need structure that fits YOUR lifestyle and is sustainable for LIFE without metabolic damage or frustration and this quiz is the first step in learning that structure!
By taking this quiz, you'll discover: 
  • ​Your specific strategy to focus on to lose weight and keep it off for good!
  • ​How to overcome fat loss plateaus
  •  Get your confidence back (and drop a full size without doing cardio or depriving yourself of food!
  •  Your individual calorie amounts and your personal activity level to prevent metabolic stalling
  •  How to stop feeling stuck losing and re-gaining the same 20 lbs over and over
  •  And more!
permanent Transformations. Not Another Temporary Makeover. 

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Hi, I’m Lance Caron!
I help busy professionals and entrepreneurs find confidence in who they are and what they see in the mirror, instead of just what they do!

This isn’t my career. This is my passion.

I’ve been a fitness specialist for 13 years (with ten years owning a successful training studio) and I LOVE what I do! My fulfillment in life comes from helping others achieve more than they ever thought possible and become the best possible versions of themselves.

I’m a firm believer that without the proper mindset to overcome limiting beliefs about ourselves. We will end up self-sabotaging by repeating old habits, giving in too early, or seeking perfectionism instead of progress. That’s a recipe to fail, no matter how great the workout and diet plan might be.